Vacuum Born
23 -31 August 2019
​- a solo exhibition at The NewBridge Project, showcasing a series of .pdf files rendered in aluminium print and through installation.

5 Dibond Prints, 1 x 1m

These new works, formerly evident as image-objects, express a method of (post)production characterised by a process of automated actions, which dictate the ways in which the elements within the compositions interact with each other.

Found/generated information-as-images from the internet are used as raw materials, which are then subject to a procedure of standardisation. This means of fabrication develops intangible resources (data) via industrial practices and image editing software, resulting in hybridised and allegorical artefacts.

Functionality is absent by design and utilitarian application is denied.

Vacuum Born doubts the emancipatory promise of technological perfection by provoking questions around purpose, labour practices, use value, self-determination, sustainability and productivity within an economic system in which human behaviour is a commodity.

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